What is Appraisal for Property Damage Claims?

Appraisal is a process usually found in most insurance policies but is most commonly used in property damage situations. The language will usually state that appraisal is mandatory when properly demanded by the insurer or insured.

Commercial Claims

While the actual physical damage from fire or smoke, water leak or storm damage will be devastating, the loss from "Business Interruption" will prove to be the most devastating loss.

We provide the expertise and resources to document, present and negotiate your claim in a professional manner with your insurance company appraiser.

The Insurance Claim Appraisal Process may be right or you.

Residential Claims

For most of us, our home is our single largest investment.  When property damage from a fire, hail storm, water leak, an act of vandalism occurs, it's very traumatic for the entire family.  It's imperative that you receive the funds from your insurance claim to restore your property to its previous condition.  As you have now discovered, the insurance claim process can be very complicated.

General Contractors

Do you have customers involved in storm damage insurance claims?  Did the insurance company grossly under pay the claim?  Are you concerned that the insurance claims adjuster excluded General Contractors overhead and profit? 

The Insurance Claim Appraisal process may be right or your customer's claim.



Attorneys will all agree that a lawsuit is not the answer to every insurance claim dispute.  The Insurance Claim Appraisal Clause was originally initiated to reduce the number of lawsuits filed against insurance companies.  Many times, Attorneys or the judge will advise the policyholder to engage in the Appraisal Process before a lawsuit may go forward.  Using the "Insurance Claim Appraisal" process instead of a lawsuit can often save a lot of time and money for all the parties involved.


Most policyholders are unaware of how to dispute and resolve their claim with the insurance company. Policyholders have a choice and a voice within their policy for this very purpose. It's called The Appraisal Clause - also known as The Appraisal Provision.